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9 Sıralı Carnaval Video Slot

by Slot Oyunları on Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Carnaval 5 reelli 9 sıralı bir video slot. Bu slotta ikramiyeler sizi şaşırtacak cinsten.

Bu daha fazla aksiyon ve strateji gerektirir. Buna karşın kazanma kombinasyonları da oldukça fazladır.

Renkli ve bol kazançlı karnaval sembolleri için bu bets10 slota tıklayın.

Carnaval Online Video Slot is a 5 reel, 9 payline multiple coin slot game. This online video slot allows you to play up to five reels simultaneously, from which you have to form a winning combination. Note that for each coin inserted, you activate the next payline. To win with Carnaval Online Video Slot, all the symbols must be adjacent to each other, with one of the symbols either on the left or right most of the reel. Carnaval video slot game is for those who are addicted to slots; though this video slot does not offer bonus games and free spin options, the jackpot and payout percentages still makes Carnaval one of Free Play Online Casino’s best video slots.

The Carnaval Video Slot payout indicates that you can be rewarded with bigger payouts and with every coin inserted the payout percentage increases. Note that this does not mean that the Carnaval Video Slot game has a progressive jackpot. Thus, Carnival Video Slot involves a lot more action and strategy, and does not rely on freebies to hit a winning combination.

However, Carnaval Video Slot game comes with a Wild symbol, which replaces any missing symbols from a payline and completes a winning combination. Also be on the lookout for the Scatter symbol, which helps hit a winning combination as long as you have three or more of these symbols on the screen in any order.

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